Some Questions for Jetson Tk1

I’m just getting up and running with my Jetson and I have two question
Q1:I had installed the cuda-toolkit-6.5 successfully by following the guide,and run the cuda-6.5 samples.when i run the sample called Smokeparticle why the frame rate is only 5-6 fps while it should be 30fps?
Q2: I want to use Nsight for native compiling,but when i finish installing the toolkit and enter the “nsight” on the command line,nothing happened

Depending on how CUDA 6.5 was compiled, its possible it may not have the correct optimizations for Tegra. On my system with a relatively fresh install of L4T 21.2 installed via JetPack, I’m getting between 15-24 fps.

As far as Nsight goes, AFAIK that isn’t available on the Jetson itself, but is supposed to be installed on an x86 host machine for cross-compiling.