some questions from a newcomer

Hello! I’m a newcomer in CUDA and I have two questions:

  1. Does CUDA support SLI CROSSFIRE ?( i.e. two 8800s parallel on one computer)
  2. Is there any plug-ins or supports for VC++ or other languages? I want to write some softwares which includes massive calculation using GPGPU with VC++ and I wonder how can I make the use of CUDA in other languages.
  1. CUDA does not support SLI, which is a graphics only technology. Multiple GPUs are made available to CUDA applications. Though, it is the responsibility of the application to spread the work around. This is FAQ 9 BTW:

  2. See the cppIntegration example in the SDK (or search the forums) for how to integrate cuda into C++ code. There are a few options if you want to integrate into another language. One would be to write a C interface to your code and compile to a shared library. Another would be to use the Driver API (see the programming guide).

Thank you very much indeed