Some suggestions

  1. May be using quaternions in ImuProto for orientation?
    The whole world uses quaternions, but you use RPY )
  2. Add standard message type for magnetometer information.
  3. Add tutorials on how to include packages (modules, codelets …) developed in Python in other applications or packages.
  4. Add extended API documentation for Python Codelet, Clock, Cask, Atlas and e.t.c.
  5. Add example for debugging Python applications.
    And add printing traceback for error… For example, i am using this code for debugging:
    """this all code"""
except Exception as e:
    raise e
  1. Add example for PoseTree generation by json file.
  2. Add PoseTree viewer (axes in 3d enviroment, not graph).
  3. Improve controls for 3D window in Sight. It’s inconvenient to use now…

I apologize if any of this already exists. I have been studying the Isaac SDK for two weeks.


Thank you so much for your suggestions. We will reflecting and processing your requests.

For Python API we will publish a developer blog in next two weeks that address some of your suggestions.


Hi, where can I find the Isaac developer blog? I have found the possibilities with Isaac very exciting, but I feel it could use some more documentation and examples to reduce the learning curve.

this is python API developer blog: