Some TX1 module are not detected for RJ45!


For the first time,we buy 10 Jetson TX1 Modules.they are all pass-test.
And then,we buy 20 Jetson TX1 Modules at the end of last year.But some module are not detected for RJ45 on the same carrier board,some are OK.

Then,we test 20 modules on DEMO Board P2597 and they are all OK for RJ45.

So,I want to ensure if the Jetson TX1 is upgraded ?

Hi Wance,

Yes, some minors changes, such as the power consumption modeling feature was enabled (we mentioned this at Release Notes).
You could refer to the following command to check the revision of Jetson TX1:

sudo i2cdump -y -r 0x14-0x26 2 0x50 b