Some unknown characters after custom plugin name caused error


Jetson: JetPack 4.5
Devide: Xavier

The same codes word quite well on x86 system.

Error information:

This code can be refered to this link:

I think it might be some encoding problem of files.

This looks like a Jetson issue. We recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link


Hi @290844930,

This looks like registering custom plugin issue. Hope following may help you.

Thank you.

Hello, spolisetty, many thanks for your kindly reply.

My problem is different from this above mentioned issue. It should be able to find this plugin. At the very beginning when convert wts weights file to trt engine file, it works anyway on jetson platform. However, when I load this serialized engine again, the plugin name was somehow changed, please take a look at the screenshot above, some strange characters was append to the plugin name. That should be the root reason why plugin could not be found.

So when I followed the solution in this issue, it did not work.


Could you please share issue reproducible minimal script, steps and model to try from our end for better assistance.

Hey, thank you spolisetty. I have figured out thats the encoding problem of my code files. So its resovled now.