Some unknown characters after custom plugin name caused error


Jetson: JetPack 4.5
Devide: Xavier

The same codes work quite well on x86 system.

Error information:

This code can be refered to this link:



I think it might be some encoding problem of files.

Sometimes I also found the cuda files was not compiled successfully, please see below:

Error copying file (if different) from “/home/shtf/rida_project/Rida/build/EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir//models/face_detect/" to "/home/shtf/rida_project/Rida/build/EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir//models/face_detect/”.
CMake Error at (message):
Error generating

EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir/build.make:75: recipe for target 'EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir//models/face_detect/’ failed
make[2]: *** [EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir/
/models/face_detect/] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…


May I know the TensorRT version used in your desktop and Xavier?

The error indicates it cannot find an expected plugin implementation.
Have you recompiled the source on Jetson?

If yes, do you meet any errors when compiling?


Hello, thanks for your kindly reply.

I used Trt 7.1.3 both in desktop and xaiver.
I do have recompiled the source code on Jetson.
The error I also met:

Error copying file (if different) from “/home/shtf/rida_project/Rida/build/EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir/ /models/face_detect/" to "/home/shtf/rida_project/Rida/build/EdgeService/CMakeFiles/edgeService.dir/ /models/face_detect/”.
CMake Error at (message):

However, this project could go throgh the compilation and run with plugin error. And sometiems I didnot see any compilation error after all.


It seems that the error occur from a CUDA code named
However, we cannot find the corresponding source in the GitHub you shared.

Is this a custom application?
Could you share the detailed steps to install and reproduce the error?


Hi, I finally figured out it was encoding problem of files, which I have directly edited on Xavier.

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