something wrong happened to my developer account

Hi guys,

When I use SDK Manager,I used DEV account to login, and I have registered to the NVIDIA DRIVE™ Developer Program,

I downloaded the files for my host machine and PX2 ,but I am not flash my PX2 and close the window.

The next day when I want to flash the PX2 ,but I cannot login to the SDK Manager, it says that OOPS ,my account do not have

access and permissions, is this a bug? or I do something wrong somewhere ?

Thx !
sdkm.log (467 KB)

Dear pengxiaoyu,
Could you confirm if you have entered credentials in DevZone tab? Also, could you recheck downloading and proxy settings

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

I am sure I can enter in DevZone Lab,you can see the file named “sdkm.log” ,I can successfully download the software on the first day,and the next day I cannot download and flash again. Besides that,I turn to another host machine and login with the same account,I was bad too.

So I don’t konw what can I do now ? Can you help me fix this?

thank you SivaRamaKrishna!

Dear pengxiaoyu,
Looks like you have posted this issue already at If so please follow the discussion on that thread