something wrong with background color of rect_params

I’m able to change the size, border params of bounding box (NvOSD_RectParams).

But i’m not able to change the background color of bounding box of bounding box. i’m able to set below values but color doesn’t change of background . Also NvOSD_RectParams.bgcolor.alpha isn’t accepting any value other than 1.0 (it throws an error if set any other value.

display_meta->rect_params[i].has_bg_color = 1;
display_meta->rect_params[i].bg_color = (NvOSD_ColorParams) { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0};

The configuration is in primary gie and secondary gie:

Please enable it and check again.

Can you provide more information regarding where you are trying make this change in the code ?

I need to change the color from code.
I am trying to set the rect_params inside “sink_buffer_prob” of “tiler” element.
I am able to set the color when alpha channel is set to 1 or 0, but for any other value b/w 0 to 1 it’s giving below error.
There is some bug.

getting below error

NvOsd ERR----line = 430 -2

Getting the same error, it isn’t possible to set alpha?

Hi Bobce,

Please help to open a new topic. Thanks