Sometimes extlinux.conf seems to be overwritten

Hi NVIDIA team!

I have a problem and two questions. I have noticed that in the folder /boot/extlinux/ there were two extlinux.conf* files:

  • the regular extlinux.conf that gets loaded at runtime.
  • a extlinux.conf.nv-update-extlinux-backup files that is generic, meaning without FDT or specific bootargs.

My questions are the following:

  • What is the purpose of extlinux.conf.nv-update-extlinux-backup?
  • If I change my extlinux.conf file and power cycle, can extlinux.conf.nv-update-extlinux-backup be silently copied or used by the bootloader instead of extlinux.conf?

My problem is the following:
I am under the impression that the silent copy can happen sometimes. Indeed, my Ubuntu install sometimes breaks when I modify my extlinux.conf file (even if the modification is valid), and booting using another media shows me that the content of extlinux.conf.nv-update-extlinux-backup is copied into extlinux.conf.

I am not sure of what causes this issue. Do you have any information about it?

Thank you for your help!


we are checking with our developers, and will get back to you soon.


I’ve checked with our developers, and I’ll summary as follows:

  1. This file will be generated when installing the nvidia-kernel debian package.
  2. It is a pure backup, and will not be used. So I think such silent copy may not happen.

Can you verify the correctness of such scenario? Sounds like it should not happen in the way you describe.

I am curious, would it be possible to separate out the extlinux.conf from the nvidia-kernel package? I have to agree that this probably is causing some mysterious issues at times and should not be a package, although it should be a configuration. Configurations tend to preserve customizations.

An example, on desktop PC, is:

One can edit configuration of GRUB2 there, and although a kernel install will update the bootloader, customizations will remain. For example, the “quiet” parameter can be left out and adding a new package won’t delete that requirement. I believe there should be a similar setup in “/etc/default” for extlinux.conf rather than an absolute package content for extlinux.conf versus anything which might be customized in extlinux.conf(of course that would also mean a tool to update extlinux.conf…this is what the package currently does, although it has no customization).

Thank you for the answer, I still encounter the issue from time to time but I think it might be on my side.

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