Sometimes I get a "resource temporarily unavailable" error

I am using a custom board imx390 [2] cameras > max9295 [2] > max9296 [2] > NVP2650D [1] > XavierNX structure.

I am developing a device that transfers from XavierNX to PC via PCIe.

But sometimes
[libv4l2 error dequeuing buf resource temporarily unavailable] error message occurs and the video stops.

The mipi data signal does not break and continues to come out well.

Attach [trace.log] and [dmesg.log] together.
dmesg.log (34.6 KB) (4.9 MB)

Please advise.
thank you.

After modifying “pix_clk_hz” and “serdes_pix_clk_hz” in the .dtsi file, the symptom was resolved.

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Good to know to get solution for it.

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