Sometimes, modify jetpack will lead to ubuntu login with GUI fail

I’m using jetpack 32.7.1, the jetpack can create system.img first time.
$ sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1

But “after” we create the system.img, modify rootfs or something else, and create new system.img.
The “new” system.img will failed to setting up the ubuntu and hang forever.
(reboot can’t solved this issue.)

[   12.772565] using random host ethernet address
[   13.223430] using random self ethernet address
[   13.223557] using random host ethernet address
[   17.352002] Please complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed...

After compare, after “System configuration”,
the “Applying changes” does not show up.

This is not showing up after recreate the system.img.

Do you mean this only happen with cloned system.img case?

No, this means :

When jetpack using “” recreate “system.img”(at least 2 times),
The login will stuck at “Applying changes didn’t show up”.

For example:

# downliad and decompress jetpack 
$ cd Linux_for_Tegra/
$ sudo ./
$ sudo ./ --no-flash jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1
# This works

# change kernel dtb or something..., recreate system.img.
$ sudo ./ --no-flash jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1
# This failed.

What was changed? If you don’t change dtb, but just rootfs, will it happen?

Could you try to test more cases on your side first and see what would trigger the error?


After a lots of test on NANO-EVK, found that it’s the problem is come from kernel Image .

$KERNEL/arch/arm64/boot/Image => $JETPACK/kernel/Image

If we didn’t remove kernel/Image.gz, this issue happens.

Please tell us why.

Also, for our custom jetpack.
I change the files mentioned above and run
$ tar --exclude='./Linux_for_Tegra/sources' --numeric-owner -czpf ../demo_jetpack.tgz .
Extract the demo_jetpack and flash.
Turn out the demo_jetpack always gets the issue.
And the demo_jetpack can’t run $ sudo ./

joezhang@home:~/Downloads/test_jetpack_nvidia/20220822-30/Linux_for_Tegra$ sudo ./ 
Using rootfs directory of: /home/joezhang/Downloads/test_jetpack_nvidia/20220822-30/Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs
||||||||||||||||||||||| ERROR |||||||||||||||||||||||
1. The root filesystem, provided with this package,
   has to be extracted to this directory:
2. The root filesystem, provided with this package,
   has to be extracted with 'sudo' to this directory:
Consult the Development Guide for instructions on
extracting and flashing your device.

I don’t know why.


Turn out that if I package custom jetpack (run and compress all),
will make this issue happens more…
(80%, sometimes will not happen.)

I will try to follow the flash process without using custom jetpack…

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