Sony IMX274 DOL HDR Mode

We have a custom board with an IMX274 image sensor and a Jetson Nano. But I can’t seem to get the IMX274 operating in DOL mode. Has anyone else got DOL mode working on any image sensors with the Jetson Nano platform?

For example, I’ve tried to force HDR mode using
v4l2-ctl -c hdr_enable=1

But when I try to stream, that setting gets reverted back to false (0).

hello Shadowmind,

please refer to Camera Features for Jetson Nano series, DOL is not supported by default.

“DOL is not supported by default”: Does that mean if I hire Leopard Imaging to tune the image sensor, I could get the Jetson Nano to support DOL mode of the IMX274 sensor? The IMX274 supports DOL mode, but can the hardware in the Jetson Nano support DOL mode?

hello Shadowmind,

yes, please contact with camera partners to enable the DOL supports on Nano platform.