Sound streams to all ports of videocard

Gigabyte GeForce 1050ti graphics card
Linux Manjaro system with all updates. The latest drivers. (I will say in advance that the problem described below is relevant for any, at the moment, Linux, any kernels, any distributions and any versions of NVidia drivers)
When 4 monitors are connected to it (1xDVI and 3xHDMI), sound can be output only to 2xHDMI. When you physically disconnect-connect a DVI-monitor on-hot, it becomes possible to output sound to all 3xHDMI, which is required. Apparently, the video card can only output a maximum of 3 audio streams, mistakenly thinking that there is an audio signal receiver on DVI? If so, how can I turn off the audio from DVI to avoid this problem? thanks in advance

A couple of clarifications:

  1. There is no such problem with drivers for Windows
  2. There is a topic on the Linux forum that I once created on this issue:

This is a tricky one, but the outputs are actually all available in ALSA. It is just that pulse hides them!

You can play directly to the ALSA devices, but I think you could manually setup sinks for them and then play on all of them.

OK, how config ALSA? ))