Soundcard bindings in JePack 5.0

We are porting our existing Xavier NX – based system into a JetPack 5.0 platform.

Where do we need to define base soundcard bindings?

We can see that in JP4 there are ‘audio-routing’ and ‘dai-link-<1-12>’ sections defined within


The same file within JetPack5.0, however, does not have these sections.

Where should they be defined? Can we just add them into the tegra-platforms-audio-dai-links.dtsi. of JP5 in the similar manner?

Hi alexandre.nikolev,

Define the soundcard bindings at hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/jakku/kernel-dts/common/tegra194-audio-p3668.dtsi

Below links provide more details on how the bindings should be made On JP 5.0:
Sound card DT binding sample
Codec porting guide

Note that there are syntax differences in JP 5.0 compared to previos JP 4 versions and the bindings can not be directly pasted from earlier JP 4 DT files


Thank you for the quick answer!
Would you please also point us to the correct place where to define the audio routing?
We can see the format/syntax examples like this one:
nvidia,audio-routing =
“Headphone-x”, “x OUT”,
“x IN”, “LineIn-x”,
“Headphone-y”, “y OUT”,
“y IN”, “LineIn-y”,
“Headphone-d”, “d OUT”,
“d IN”, “LineIn-d”,
“BT-out”, “b OUT”,
“b IN”, “BT-in”,
“EAVB-out”, “ADSP EAVB Transmit”,
“ADSP EAVB Receive”, “EAVB-in”;

But it is not clear where exactly such definition(s) should reside.

Hi alexandra.nikolaev,

nvidia-audio-card,routing in sound node is the relevant property to place the DAPM routes. Link provides deatils on how the DAPM routes should be framed. This was available as part of the documentation links provided in earlier comment as well. Urge you to read through the documentation


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