Source code for GPL'd tools

I have been attempting to use the cuda-gdb tool which is currently only available on RHE5 32 bit, I was wondering where the associated source code for this tool is located for download as it is not present with the installed software and it should be made available, where can I get this from? Also I noticed that cuda-gdb links against does this mean that this library will also to be open sourced under the GPL and the source code made available?

I would also be interested in the debugger source, as there are some a-mazing modifications that I can think of adding to gdb to help with debugging GPGPU sources, especially a better front-end than DDD or some of the other simple gdb front-ends.

Are there any other contact methods which can be used to request the sources? The T&Cs say this isn’t official support, so is there a better way to contact NVidia for a more official response regarding their apparent re-licencing of the GDB sources?

Link for cuda-gdb source:

Public ftp server: