source code for update_engine

I am looking for the latest source code for update_engine tools, shipped with L4T 28.3 release.

I found one update_engine repo on that is 2 years old now:

Sorry that this tool is not opensource. What you found was for Android build but not L4T.

Will update_engine (all tools & C-Boot included) be fully supported by NVidia going forward?
Is it long term solution for L4T?

Hi DmitriK,

AFAIK, there is no plan to do that due to that’s for Android build.
If there is similar feature on Ubuntu, then we will evaluate the possibility.


OK. Just want to confirm level of support of update engine in L4T v28.3. Official L4T documentation has section “TX2 Bootloader Update and Redundancy” that provides extensive description of update engine. Is all information about update engine there valid and will this functionality be still included in next L4T releases?