Source code of nvbuf_utils

Is source code (.cpp file) of nvbuf_utils.h which is part of Multimedia API available somewhere?
I would be interested in logic behind NvBufferCreateEx and NvBufferTransform to see how is DMA buffer created / copied.

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The implementation is in


Unfortunately the prebuilt lib is not open source. Sorry for it.

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Hi @DaneLLL , do you know what is happening behind those procedures, just theoretically? To my understanding it should be some dma_buf management, right? Do you have more details? E.g. how does the NvBufferCreateParams affects the DMA buffer, espacially nvbuf_tag and payloadType.

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nvbug_tag is for debugging/tracing purpose. It does not have impact for functionality. But for traceability, suggest set it accordingly.

payloadType is set to NvBufferPayload_SurfArray along with NvBufferColorFormat. There should be no use-case to set to NvBufferPayload_MemHandle.

Most use-cases are demonstrated in the samples. Please take a look at