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I installed PGI accelerator fortran workstation but in the interface of PGDBG, i can’t write any letter. I don’t know why?How can i call a exist program?

Hi camaptrang,

From the command line, you can just type "pgdbg " to start debugging a program. From he PGDBG interface, you select the “connection” tab and then fill in the information abut the program, it’s name, arguments, if it’s running locally or on a remote system, etc.

For details on creating connections, please see page 13 of the PGDBG User’s Guide

Hope this helps,

thank you, but when i wrote like you told, i get an error like that
‘ERROR: Cannot change directory
C:\Windows\system32’.What means that?

Hi camaptrang,

You would get that error if you used the “cd” command or “-cd” command line options to change your working directory into a directory where you don’t have permissions.

Can you please describe what step you performed when you got this error?


I don’t remmber exactely. But when i tried to call a program ‘test_cublasSgemm.F90’ in the sample in PGI, I tried 2 methods. The first, i used the graphical user interface. I wrote ‘C:\Program Files\PGI\win32\13.5\samples\cudafor\nameprogram’, and then i clicked in the bouton ‘open’ in part ‘connection’. but it is an error ‘unable to load’. I don’t know that i have a complet version or not. I can’t open a file sample.
Thank for your answer

Sorry, error appear in program IO is ‘permission denied’

And when i used comand-line, i wrote the name of program that i want to call . example: pgdbg>cd test2.f95, i got an error’cannot change directory’. I tried 2 methods that you told them for me but it doesn’t work:(

Hi camaptrang,

Are you trying to debug a source file? You can only debug binaries and must first compile the source code into binary form (and preferably compile with “-g”, i.e. debug support).

Please take a look at the first chapter on the PGI User’s Guide for information on how compile a file and the PGDBG User’s Guide for more details on using the debugger.

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