Sources and build scripts for DOM0


Where to get NVIDIA-vgx-xenserver-6.2-331.59.src.rpm ?
Where to get sources & build scripts for /var/tmp/nvidia/ (from NVIDIA-vgx-xenserver-6.2-331.59.i386.rpm):
nv-acpi.o, nv-drm.o, nv-i2c.o, nv-mmap.o, nv-pat.o, nv_uvm_interface.o, os-interface.o, os-smp.o
nv-chrdev.o, nv-frontend.o, nv-mempool.o, nv.o, nv-procfs.o, nv-vm.o, os-pci.o, os-usermap.o
nv-cray.o, nv-gvi.o, nvidia.mod.o, nv-mlock.o, nv-p2p.o, nv-usermap.o, nv-vtophys.o, os-registry.o

There is combined single object for newer drivers (NVIDIA-vGPU-xenserver-7.0-367.43.x86_64.rpm):

Thanks, M.C>

Grid 2.0 still missing sources and build scripts for xen hypervisor (DOM0) (NVIDIA-vGPU-xenserver-6.5-352.46.x86_64.rpm).

… still missing … (NVIDIA-vGPU-kepler-xenserver-6.5-352.70.x86_64.rpm)

not surprisingly still missing - NVIDIA-vGPU-kepler-xenserver-6.5-352.83.x86_64.rpm