Sourcing flex cable for J27 header / easy way to provide auto power-on

Rather than solder the main board to short R313 and have the system boot on power-on, I’d like to plug a modified bit of flex cable into J27. The cable is a 0.8mm pitch 10 contact one sided.

Does anyone know where I can source this? Not available from digikey or mouser.


That’s an actual connector…not for flat flex cable. I see the part number is “50208-01001-001”.

I found this description which might be of interest:

Docs show this as made by “Aces Electronic Co., Ltd.”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the mating connector number.

Ah - you are correct! There is a mating connector shown. Thanks!

So now we are looking for a mating connector, @nvidia?

I found this discussion in this forum:

which I suppose is the official answer.