spacialsqueez unsupported format.

I am building a tf to trt project example on Jetson TX2.
While converting frozen graph to TensorRT engine, it throughs error of SpacialSqueez unsupported by TensorRT.

Is there spacialsqueez not supported by inbuilt TensorRT?

The squeeze operation is supported in the version of TensorRT (3.0 GA) that is shipped with JetPack 3.2. To use the samples in the GitHub repository, make sure to install TensorRT onto your Jetson using the latest JetPack 3.2

If you previously installed the JetPack 3.2 developer preview, you will need to update to the official release. The developer preview ships a slightly different version of TensorRT that does not contain support for the Squeeze operation.

Hope this helps.

How can i check whether my TensorRT is 3.0 GA or not? as i have built from the latest jetpack 3.2 only.
Also if this version does not found there then should i purge tensorRT and reinstall it?

Executing the following shell command on the Jetson TX2 should list TensorRT version 3.0.4 if you have the correct version installed.

dpkg -l | grep tensorrt

You may be able to install the software using JetPack 3.2 by selecting to install only TensorRT (and dependencies). If it does not replace the existing verison, perhaps it is necessary to remove the existing package first.