sparkle | evga Italian reseller

Hi there, I’m searching for an Italian reseller for the two type of graphic cards in the title (sparkle or evga both PCI).
I have found only one called Brevi, anyone knows more about?

best regards

Ho trovato questo, sul sito di evga:

Sparkle non ha un sito italiano, ma preferisco evga.

Hai bisogno di una scheda di PCI, non PCIe?

Sorry if my Italian is a little rusty, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

Hi, your italian is not as rusly as you think!

I need PCI 'couse I’ve got an old pc and I need cuda support only for an exam at the faculty.

Tnx very much for the link. Yesterday I was searching on the same site … but the VB error on the homepage has depressed me :)



This should work, but it will be very slow, of course.

yes I know … I’ve submitted the request, but, for now, the card is not available.

tnx you