SPEC CPU2006 v1.0.1 - cannot compile 483.xalancbmk

i am using PGI 7.2-1 & am having trouble compiling this benchmark. here’s a snippet of the make.err:

“C:\Program Files\PGI/win64/7.2-1/include/CC/stl/type_traits.h”, line 239: error:
class “std::__type_traits<wchar_t>” has already been defined
_STLP_TEMPLATE_NULL struct __type_traits : __type_traits_aux<1> {};

“C:\Program Files\PGI/win64/7.2-1/include/CC/stl/type_traits.h”, line 303: error:
class “std::_Is_integer<wchar_t>” has already been defined
_STLP_TEMPLATE_NULL struct _Is_integer {

i am using the windows64-amd64-pgi.cfg. i can compile the other benchmarks w/o errors. only 483.xalancbmk is giving me errors.

Hi Calvin.

The ‘windows64-amd64-pgi.cfg’ configuration file is for use with PGI version 6.2. For PGI versions 7.1 and 7.2 you need to apply the ‘pgiwin’ src.alt and add the define flags “-DWIN64 -DSPEC_CPU_XMLCH_IS_NOT_UNSIGNED_SHORT” in order for Xalancbmk to compile correctly.

Please send a note to PGI customer support at trs@pgroup.com and we’ll send you an updated configuration file as well as the src.alt. Note the code changes contained in the src.alt will be included in the soon to be released CPU2006 V1.1.

Best Regards,

Thanks Mat, I’ll give that a try.