Spec difference betwen Jetson Xavier and Drive Xavier

I am looking for the difference in specs between Jetson Xavier and Drive Xavier apart from automotive certifications for safety that Drive comes with. A side by side comparison would be even better.

Hi dhingratul,

Regarding automotive certifications for safety, such as ASIL, will only perform on DRIVE AGX Xavier.

For Jetson AGX Xavier, we are in the preliminary stages of considering various industrial certifications pertinent to robotics, if you have requirements those would be helpful to share here.


I just want to know the differences in terms of H/W, TOPS, DLA etc. I know about the difference in certifications. From what i have been able to gather both have same TOPS, but Jetson has 2x DLA whereas DRIVE has 1 DLA. I need to know all the other h/w/perf differences b/w them

Hi dhingratul,

Could we know why you need to get those details? There are designed for operating on different products in different environment, and the supported OS, SDK are somehow different. They are not suitable to compare from HW spec only. We will share all spec soon, please stay tune.


Hi kayccc,
I’m newer to xavier and have same issue. When I connect xavier dev-kit & flash by SDKManager, I can select Jetson or Drive from Pruction Category.
So what’s the different between Jetson and Drive?
Can I install Drive OS/Works/AV/IX into Jetson dev-kit?

I found a similar answer in Orin FAQs:

both the Jetson AGX and DRIVE AGX kits use the same Orin SoC

This shoud be OK for applying to Xavier SoC.
What are the differences between the DRIVE AGX Orin and the Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kits?

They are totally different platform. Drive OS cannot be flashed into jetson.

Same SoC does not represent they are all compatible.