Specify Audio2Face Headless instance port

Can I manually specify Audio2Face Headless instance port (different from 8011)? May be by specifying some parameter in the batch file?

Yes this is possible. The doc states that if 8011 is not available the log file will tell you which port to use. Here’s the doc: Rest API — Omniverse Audio2Face latest documentation (nvidia.com)

Thanks for reply, but I know this. My question was to manually specify port to use which I can set as parameter in batchfile (‘audio2face_headless.bat’), not random, which need to parse log file.

There are 2 ways to do this. You can add these lines to audio2face_headless.kit

or you can specify that option at launch time from terminal:
audio2face_headless.bat --/exts/omni.services.transport.server.http/port=8013

Please note that there’s a port validation so if the port is not available, omni.services will try to choose another port than the specified.

Thank you, it’s work.

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