Specular Roughness Image in both OmniSurface and OmniSurfaceLite is not working

Hi all,
Whenever any texture is applied to the Specular Roughness Image slot it is considered as a completely white by Create, thus materials becomes 100% rough.

In order to create the Brushed Brass material I had to use OmniPBR where roughness image is working, though it this material lacks Anisotropy which is often necessary to create realistic looking metal.

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Hi @karol.osinski
Roughness is a float input and thus requires your image to have a valid scalar value mode applied to the channels. OmniSurface and OmniSurfaceLite default to using the alpha of the texture. If none is present than the value is interpreted as 1.0

If you select, alpha_red, alpha_green, alpha_luminance, etc. you will get a floating value interpretation of the channels.

Thanks for the question

Thanks a lot @fpliu ! I will give it a try today :)