Speech Recognition for Xavier.. what supported hardware for Speaker and Mic (No Headsets please)?

I would like to with minimal effort be able to get a setup working with AGX Xavier with a Microphone and a Speaker plugged in where I can use Xavier to record audio from an external mic and play back audio with external speakers (I do not want to use a headset).

I’ve looked at this:

Which appears to have failed and no one really got it working.

Question is, what is a simple way to get this working? Is there a similar product to this that is not so low level that can be used by Xavier for quick Speech Recognition applications? This is pretty simple to set on the Raspberry Pi 3 with (Amazon.com) where there are no drivers and it just plugs into the USB Port on the Pi and just works.

Is there something about the AGX Xavier that would prevent this from working without any drivers? Or is there any Mic that anyone knows about that works?


The simplest way to setup an audio Mic and Speaker would be to use a USB based device (such as the one that you have listed). If it works with with a Raspberry Pi and does not require any specific drivers, then it should work fine on the Jetson platforms as well. Of course we have not tested this specific USB device and so it is not possible to guarantee it works but most USB devices that work with a Linux host machine should work with Jetson.


CM108 based USB adapter works out of the box on R31.1.

Is there a list of tested USB audio devices?


I have a logitech USB headset and an Altec Lansing USB speaker that I have used. However, I would expect that most USB audio devices should work.