Spherical cameras are broked in this last version

i trying using spherical cameras to render 360 and got gray colors on the render, and black holes on final result, there is a way to reroll to last version before the actual version as i can see on videos on old versions is working .

well looks like spherical cameras only work with path tracing, its really broked with realtime RTX, btw, how to render stereo i can only see monoscopic option, left and right, i need to render left and right and compose it on a editing software ?

i printscreen the problem, i waiting for that to use as our studio is focused on produce VR imersive content for VR content plataforms. as are long animations like 20 and 30 minutes long, we need as a indie studio to use realtime raytracing. actualy we are using unity for our project but i love the easy to use in omniverse and how more fast it is than unity. so we waiting for a response.


now in path tracing its all ok

we waiting for some support to how to solve it and how to render stereoscopic images

Hello @user37946! Welcome to the Community! I have let the dev team know about this issue. We should hear back from them soon. Thanks for letting us know about this problem.

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some news about use spherical cameras with RTX raytracing? and we need a tutorial
about create stereoscopic 360 with ominiverse

UP! , we really want to know how to produce 360 stereoscopic , and when the problem with spherical cameras and Rtx raytracing will be solved, or it will never be, cause its already working in path tracing.

i tryed this last version and still with same problem in 360 and RTX

Please , i need to know how to render 360 stereoscopic images, and know when it will works with RTX realtime thank you ! we are counting days to get some feedback, 13 days already

Hello @user37946! I did contact the development team and they reported back to me that this is a bug that they are working on.

(Internal Ticket OM-40845)