SPI Issue - 100€ reward

Hi all,

This may be highly unorthodox but I’m not really getting anywhere with this problem:

So here goes…To whomever resolves it by providing a working patch that will remove the chip select delay and packet to packet delay I’ll pay 100€ via PayPal to either themselves or their charity of choice.

The prerequisites are:

  1. You fix the SPI issues mentioned
  2. You publish the fix to this community so others can benefit from it.
  3. It must work in the R24 kernel.
  4. You or your charity of choice must be able to accept PayPal.
  5. This is a one time payment paid to whomever fixes the problem first.
  6. Please provide a fix before March 10th where this offer expires

! Changed expiration date of offer !


I make a patch post in the https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1029410/jetson-tx1/spi-cs-issue/

Hi @ShaneCCC

Sadly the patch didn’t work as expected (see Spi-CS-Issue thread)

It almost works though.


We found a temporary fix which involves clearing the timing registers in the IOC transfer message - this helps on the issue (to make it tolerable) but doesn’t resolve it.

Also the data pin is still changing outside of CS context which would be a bug/problem if there was more than one slave on the bus hence the issue persists but we will not actively pursue it anymore unless someone comes up with a permanent fix.