SPI Mode with TFT LCD display

I’m connect Adafruit TFT lcd touchscreen(HX8357D) in spi mode and my TFT connect with Jetson NX Module (16GB) but display is not working… my display is getting white colour blank screen only…
My tft connection with jetson xavier nx
MOSI ---------- MOSI
MISO ---------- MISO
CS ---------- SPI1_CS0
D/C ---------- SPI3_CS0
CLK --------- SPI1_SCK

import digitalio
import board
from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import adafruit_rgb_display.hx8357 as hx8357 # pylint: disable=unused-import

Configuration for CS and DC pins (these are PiTFT defaults):

cs_pin = digitalio.DigitalInOut(board.D24)
dc_pin = digitalio.DigitalInOut(board.D18)
reset_pin = digitalio.DigitalInOut(board.D22)

Config for display baudrate (default max is 24mhz):

BAUDRATE = 24000000

Setup SPI bus using hardware SPI:

spi = board.SPI()

pylint: disable=line-too-long

Create the display:

#disp = hx8357.HX8357(spi, rotation=180, # 3.5" HX8357
cs=cs_pin, dc=dc_pin, rst=reset_pin, baudrate=BAUDRATE)

pylint: enable=line-too-long

Create blank image for drawing.

Make sure to create image with mode ‘RGB’ for full color.

if disp.rotation % 180 == 90:
height = disp.width # we swap height/width to rotate it to landscape!
width = disp.height
width = disp.width # we swap height/width to rotate it to landscape!
height = disp.height
image = Image.new(‘RGB’, (width, height))

Get drawing object to draw on image.

draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image)

Draw a black filled box to clear the image.

draw.rectangle((0, 0, width, height), outline=0, fill=(0, 0, 0))

image = Image.open(“shark.jpg”)

Scale the image to the smaller screen dimension

image_ratio = image.width / image.height
screen_ratio = width / height
if screen_ratio < image_ratio:
scaled_width = image.width * height // image.height
scaled_height = height
scaled_width = width
scaled_height = image.height * width // image.width
image = image.resize((scaled_width, scaled_height), Image.BICUBIC)

Crop and center the image

x = scaled_width // 2 - width // 2
y = scaled_height // 2 - height // 2
image = image.crop((x, y, x + width, y + height))

Display image.


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