Spi not working

Hello Everyone ,

My name is Rahul,i am trying to interface an SPI hardware with jetson nano using python,for which I downloaded the spidev library but somehow when i am trying to configure spi as shown in image it throwbacks the error (only with no_cs config) and i tested my same program on various platform like pi where its working and have tested the spi in jetson with a c language spi test program according to which spi pins are working,so can anyone please help me in this.

Thanks in Advance

Did you configure the PINs by jetson-io?

Yes,Shane, I configured it and have run a spi test code written in c to actually test (connected MISO and MOSI ) and it’s working perfectly fine but when using spi with spidev this error comes up, and that too in no_cs.

Could you try software CS

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