SPI Slave Mode GPIO Synchronization

I’ll use SPI as slave.
I have found that the title topic is described in the SoC Technical Reference Manual.
Do you have something sample codes to realize GPIO synchronization ?

Hi s.n.3,

Are you asking about how to configure SPI as slave?

What do you mean about the GPIO synchronization?

It’s described in the document as follows.
I’m looking for the sample code to realize this sequence.
Currently, when the SPI write ioctl is done, this is blocking the process.
So I can’t toggle GPIO at the suitable timing.

I’m checking this request with internal and will let you know once there’s any result.

You could refer to nvidia,spi-slave-tegra124.txt document in kernel source for GPIO synchronization.

- nvidia,slave-ready-gpio: OUT GPIO from slave to report slave status. This
 	GPIO, when asserted, implies slave controller is ready for transaction.
 	When this GPIO is de-asserted, the master cannot initiate transaction
 	with this slave.

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