SPI works on one module but not on an second

I enabled SPI via the jeston-io utility and then enabled the driver via modprobe.
The SPI shows up under /dev/. If I write or read in C++ to the file, no error is thrown.
But if I check the pins on the carrier board with a logic analyzer, no signal shows up on MOSI/CLK/CS.

To test if the carrier board is broken, I switched the module to a carrier board where the SPI was working with a different module, but it didn’t work.

If I switch the SD card with the OS from a working module to the module where the SPI is broken, it still does not work.

The two modules have the same model no.: P3448 written on the back.

What could be the problem?
Is the hardware broken, or is the test with a working image not possible because something is written on the chip itself?

Hi Benutzer2517,

Have you tried to move the module to the devkit and check if it works?

What’s the current Jetpack version in use?

I have two devkits.
It works on one devkit but not on the other. To test whether the base board is broken or not, I switched the two modules on the baseboards. The “broken” module does not work on the “working” baseboard either.

So I switched the SD cards with the same result. The “broken” module does not work with the “working” SD card.
The SD card works perfectly in the “working” module.

Could this be a software problem or is it maybe a hardware problem?

On the working SD card image I have the L4T release R32 and reveision 6.1

If one could work on the devkit but another can not with the same system (SD Card), it seems hardware issue for me.

Have you tried with current R32.7.3?

I have the same problem on a third devkit.
SPI does not work with the “working” SD Card image or a new one.
The working module with the working SD Card do work on the new baseboard.
So I think it is most likely not a hardware issue.

Do you have any further suggestions what the problem could be?

Switching SD card may cause mismatch with the internal QSPI content.

Let’s debug it step by step.
Please use latest R32.7.3 to do SPI loopback test first.

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