SPI1 not work on Xavier

Yes, I have

Does SPI1 in J21 40 pin use /dev/spidev0.0?

But the oscilloscope didn’t respond.

Yes, it’s SPI1,
Did you connect the MOSI to MISO as loopback?

I use an oscilloscope to connect the two pins of MoSi and miso, but the oscilloscope does not display anything data.

I tried to open SPI in 40 pin directly through Jetson io.py, and / dev / spide0.0 appeared directly after startup. However, after sending data with spidev_test, the oscilloscope still could not get any data phenomenon.

oh, I found the problem. There is a problem with this device. I can get the data by using the same steps after I change a device.

hi dingjie :
have you resolve your question?