spinning rolling sphere in physx 2.8 vs phsyx 3.3

hello people,

i’m doing research on upgrading a pool game from unity 4.7.2 (physx 2.8.4) to 5.5.1 (physx 3.3.3)

after a little bit of tweak in the physics/rigidbody settings i’m able to get basically the same behavior on rolling balls and straight collisions.

problem is that while a spinning ball rolling on a plane in unity 5.5.1 losing it’s angular velocity in y-axis way faster and unpredictable compared to 4.7.2. loss in angular velocity similar to rigidbody.conefriction set to true.

problem doesn’t occur only if there is no friction so i’m guessing this is about friction

open to any help.

this problem doesn’t occur if i freeze y position of the ball

thanks in advance.