Split acc line


I have a simple question, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. Can you tell me how can I split the !$acc local(…) line?
I have a lot of local variables, so there is a compile error because of the line length. How can I split this line on two-three?
I’ve tried doubling the line:

!$acc local(var1,var2,...,varn)
!$acc local(varn+1,...)

But it gave an error. I also tried to use ‘’ operator. Also an error.

Any ideas?

Hi, here is what i do to split the line in fixed-form fortran:

!$acc data region
!$acc& copyin(a(1:n),b(1:n,1:n)),
!$acc& local(c(1:n)
!$acc&        )

All right. Thanks!