SR-IOV binding inside VM for PktGen

Hi I am using SR-IOV on the host with the goal of testing offloaded OVS.

I have created the SR-IOV VFs and they are visible inside the guest.

I have installed MLNX_OFED in the guest as well.

On the host all seems to be in order, in the guest I can manage the VFs and ping but I am not able to use DPDK-PktGen.

The error is that DPDK-PktGen does not see any interfaces to use.

I have tried vfio-pci, igb_uio and mlx5_core drivers without success.

I have added the VF pci addresses to the whitelist for PktGen.

What am I missing?

Any help is welcome please

Hi Francois,

We have a new Mellanox DPDK version available for download on our website:

Please use this version and refer to the quick start guide for additonal information:

Please note that pktgen is not a Mellanox tools and we provide a limited support for it.

However, I have this general example of running pktgen :

pktgen -c 0xfffc -n 4 -w 05:00.0,txq_inline=256,txqs_min_inline=4- w 05:00.1,txq_inline=256,txqs_min_inline=4 – -T -P -m ‘[3-5:6-9].0,[3-5:10.1]’ -N "

The line might require some adaptation for you environment, but, generally, device is specified using ‘-w’ option.

Thank you,


Hi Karen

I did specify a whitelist for PktGen to use.

On the host it worked like a charm, but in the guest it just does not pick up the ports.


Francois Kleynhans