SSD Flashing on the custom board for L4T 32.6


I am trying to flash the custom board having Xavier-NX SoM with SSD.

Initially, I was facing issue for flashing the SSD.

After removing the below lines from the custom dts I was able to flash the SSD.

		compatible = "nvidia,tegra186-hsuart";
		status = "okay";

Since we need to reuse the serial port , could you please let us know what is the dependency of the serial port for flashing.

Thanks and Regards
Ann Rose Antony


This issue seems only happened to you guys’ carrier board. There is no other users reporting this.

I see deepika.s is your colleague, right? You two have same mail address.


Ya deepika.s is my colleague. If we want we can restart with the same mail thread also.

Ann Rose Antony

I think you can compare the uart log during the flash when your enable and disable that serial@c280000. This may tell what happened.

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