SSD support

Does anyone know what the largest SSD card you can put into the Jetson TK1 dev kit? I have someone interested in working that configuration.

By SSD card, are you referring to the SD card slot? Or the mini-PCIe slot? If mini-PCIe, this is not an m.2 slot. If the SSD uses the SATA port, then there is no Jetson-specific limit…this would be the same limit as any other 32-bit Linux disk limit. I don’t know what the SD card limit is.

Yes, i am referring to the SD slot on the Dev board. Is there a limitation? Thanks in advance.

Jetson TK1 can have the SD card and SDIO interfaces support up to UHS-I, thought some cards might got error, and need further investigation, you could refer to other thread to see if any helps:

Regarding SD card size, we have tested 64 GB Card, and more size to be tested.

Thank you