SSD Training Error

Hi Guys,

I am getting the following error when I run SSD:

2019-11-28 11:02:32.740542: W ./tensorflow/core/grappler/optimizers/graph_optimizer_stage.h:241] Failed to run optimizer ArithmeticOptimizer, stage RemoveStackStridedSliceSameAxis node cond_21/CornerCoordToCentroids/strided_slice_4. Error: ValidateStridedSliceOp returned partial shapes [?,1] and [?]

Is this an issue ? Please help me out.


Hi neophyte1,
I also observe this info and will update to you if there is any finding.

Hi neophyte1,
Sorry for late reply.
Training should run even with the warning message. So, it does not affect training.
After checking, this “error” or warning came out due to tensorflow version.
TLT will update TF version in next release.
Thanks for the finding.

This message is not a tlt bug. It tells you TF can not optimize the op due to incomplete information on tensor shape (but TF can still run the op without optimization).