SSD used with Jetson TX2 cannot be accessed with Jetson Nano

I have been using a Samsung 860 EVO SSD with my TX2 and I want to use it on the Nano as well. However, I get permission denied on the GUI and gksudo is not available on the ubuntu image compatible with the Nano. Is there a way to access the contents on the SSD without having to format it?

df -h?
any of these can see it, can not it?
Is it SATA SSD? If it is - how do you connect it to nano device? And if it is not - is it NVME SSD? And if yes- how did you connect it to TX2?
If you can connect ssd to anywhere you could access it via mounting it somehow, in my opinion. There shouldn’t be need to format the drive unless it got corrupted or you want to format it for some reason [e.g. for flashing an image to it]

It is a SATA-III SSD. I connected it to the TX2 via the SATA connector and to the Nano with a SATA to USB converter. Let me check the output of df -h and get back to you.

what is the exact model of the SATA->USB that you are using? Does it take external power from somewhere?what is the output of the command below?