sse2 instruction set not enabled on jetson tx1

i am using jetson tx1 to do some image processing, it is also related to cuda. however, when i compile a project, it says that “sse2 instruction set not enabled”, and the project include the head file emmintrin.h. the head file first is not included in the path ~/gcc/4.8/include and i just move the single file into it, and so i do not know if it takes some effects. the gcc in tx1 just do not include this head file. i compile the project in qt, should i do some to set in the makefile to set qt support sse2 and i have tried some approaches but they didn’t work. i am asking if u could help me? if can please contact me with thanks a lot

Hi Doge_1994,

If you are talking about the AMD x86_64 SSE/SSE2, then no, ARM CPUs do not support that. You can refer to below thread:


thanks a lot