SSH breaks when using apt

Hey there,
I am having NX Xavier SOM with the AverMedia board running JP4.5.1. I am using the device on ssh remotely but recently I noticed that whenever I am trying to install anything using the apt command, my terminal freezes and I need to log in again to the GPU.

Do we know why this is happening?

Probably the freespace is not enough. Is the rootfs on emmc? The embedded emmc is 16GB and easily used up.

No, the rootfs is in sd card… It is been shifted from emmc

Could you reboot the system for a try? It the issue is still present, we would suggest re-flash the system image.

Can you log in with serial console and run β€œdmesg --follows” prior to starting the use of β€œapt”? There would probably be a useful message there at the moment ssh fails.

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