ssh from jetson tk1 to other ubuntu pc

I am not able to perform ssh from jetson tk1 to another ubuntu pc. It says permission denied.

The idea here is to run roscore on my pc and then export it to jetson . The topic are getting published but data is not coming on the topics. When i started debugging the network connection (ping is fine on both side ,problem with ssh from jetson to pc,other way round is fine) i found the fault of not getting ssh might be one of the possibility due to which i am not getting data.
Did anyone has similar problem like this .
please help.

My only Ubuntu is on my Jetsons, but I know firewall defaults will differ on desktop. There is also a strong chance that sshd config on a desktop is slightly different versus Jetson. What is the result of trying to ssh manually from Jetson to Ubuntu PC, and what is the exact command you use?

I’m not sure what firewall settings software comes with Ubuntu desktop PC, but this is the first place I’d start looking if ssh from Jetson to PC is denied. A partial test might be for a user on desktop PC to ssh to localhost (ssh is never firewalled from a local account going to the local machine without traversing a non-localhost network, although system accounts may be restricted anyway through sshd config).