SSH to a Headless Jetson TX2


I want to connect to a headless Jetson TX2 installed on a custom carrier board, using SSH.
I don’t want to use WiFi or LAN.

Is it OK to use USB0 port for this purpose?
Is there any other option?

A normally booted Jetson does try to emulate a network device over the micro-B USB cable. Unless security or some other issue stops this (default is usually to allow, but it might also require the user to mark the connection as “ok”), then the micro-B USB will provide IP address “” you can ssh to from the host PC (the host PC end would gain address “”, but from host you’d ping or ssh to “”). This is in fact the intended use of the micro-B USB since flash occurs only in recovery mode, but once flash finishes and the system fully self-reboots, ssh is used to install the optional packages, e.g., CUDA.

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Hi linuxdev.

Thank you!

It works on my Jetson TX2 very well.

Where is the documentation of such an important info?

Another question:

It seems that it is possible to ssh to Jetson using both the following methos:
1- The method you provided above (first image)
2- Using COM port and SSH over Serial (second image)



What is the difference between the two?

This is part of the flash software. Not sure which docs, but probably the flash software docs. This USB network behavior was added as a method to simplify flash.

Serial port and USB ethernet will work, but there are some options available in ssh which are not available in serial console (e…g, forwarding of X11 events). However, serial console works prior to Linux ever being reached, and has so few requirements that it will work when most of the system has crashed and burned. Serial console basically has no substitute when debugging or developing a system, but ssh is more convenient and does more when the system is up and running normally.

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Thank you linuxdev for your excellent answer.

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