SSH X-Forwarding to clients without Nvidia graphics without VirtualGL

I am in an environment where multiple GLX implementations exist across different workstations. The commonality is that these users often X forward from compute workstations, but want to use their client’s graphics stack which could be Intel Integrated Graphics in the case of laptops.

The real complaint here is that X-Forwarding is literally impossible when the application calls GLX it seems to call NV-GLX and what’s worse is trying to bypass this via modifying ld configuration will break the desktop. I’ve tried LD_PRELOAD and LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH and a few other methods to get around it but the windows do not render instead of producing errors. This also breaks functionality when calling Xorg with Xrdp Xorg Drivers since the XRDP display module cannot render with NV-GLX.

Anyone have any solutions that doesn’t involve VirtualGL in the use case that the users want to use their graphics stack not compute machine.