SSS in omniversePBR shader

Annoying question I know, but is there any sort of rough timeline for when some kind of sub surface scattering might get added to the standard shaders? its the one big thing that feels missing currently…

We have a full SSS path tracer option (full omni standard surface) being tested internally right now and we will have a release date on that soon. Stay tuned.


Quick note, you will see various previews and examples of this in the upcoming GTC, our OmniSurface shader that includes SSS + other physical properties. Be sure to keep an eye on it.

Great news, thanks

related question - is Create able to support an externally authored MDL shader with SSS components currently or does that also depend on the internals being updated?

Related, I was wondering about translucency and found this GTC talk interesting (which touches on sss among other types of scattering):[S31910]/1_bpol6ys9

(you probably have to be registered for GTC and and logged in to watch it)

Yes you have to register to GTC to watch it. (Its free)

That is related to the real-time work and you will see some preview of the RT SSS that is in development.

I highly recommend to check out the RTX Renderer talk - there maybe a surprise there relating to this topic :)