Stability issues and removal

Ever since I installed Nvidia Ominverse Unreal has been unstable. No matter what driver I have, what project simple or complex the gpu just crashes randomly and my pc goes to black.

I even uninstalled it but there some junk lingering some where. Pc has a beefy Titian RTX so the instability is very frustrating.

I tested same projects on another PC with a 2060 and that never had Omniverse installed and it’s allot mores table.

Anyone else have this problem and Is there a utility strip all Omniverse related files from a pc so I can confirm this issue?

Any Ideas?


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having stability issues. Let’s start with ensuring that any and all Omniverse Unreal Plugins are gone:

  • First, make sure the Unreal Connector is uninstalled from the Omniverse Launcher. If you’ve already uninstalled the Omniverse Launcher, then we move on to the second step.

  • Second, make sure that the Unreal Connector is 100% uninstalled from the registry. Go to Windows Settings (control panel), then Apps. From there check if anything from Omniverse is still listed. If so, uninstall it:

  • Third, let’s make sure there are no plugin files in your Unreal Engine folders. Our default location is /Engine/Plugins/Editor/NVIDIA - That entire folder can be deleted completely.

  • Fourth, we’re going to make sure there’s no leftover content in your project. Delete both of these folders:

    • /YourProject/Content/MDL
    • /YourProject/Content/Omniverse

At this point there should be nothing left of the Omniverse Unreal plugins and we can eliminate that from the cause of any instability. Let us know if this helps and if not we’ll continue to chase down whatever else might be causing problems.

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