Stability Issues with CUDA 4.29

Dear Support,

I have been using the PGI Accelerator for quite some time on Linux. Now I am using the version 12.6.
Recently with the update of the CUDA version to 4.29 because of an security issue some instability issues appeared.
What I experienced is that sometime the code runs and sometimes the same code gives segmentation faults. Did you experience some stability problems as well with the CUDA 4.29. ?



Hi Altug,

Can you please give me a bit more information? First, what do you mean by “CUDA 4.29”? Is this your CUDA Driver or is the CUDA Toolkit version? Did crash you are seeing only occur after you updated to CUDA 4.29 or did you update PGI to 12.6 at the same time? Does the crash occur with CUDA 4.29 and older PGI releases?