Stable jetson linux for production release?


    I need to choose the Jetson Linux version for production release. I see that the latest Jetson Linux is 36.2, but the stable version is 35.5. Does this mean that the Jetson Linux with 35.5 should be used?

The 36.2 is the developer preview version.
The 35.5 is more stable version for production.
We’re going to have a 36.x release as the production release by the end of April.
You can depend on your product launch time to make the decision.

Thank you for your response. Once again, we confirm whether the 36.x product release version will be released simultaneously at the end of April, with corresponding official development documentation updates.

Yes, those relevant developing documents will be updated as well.

Is this “end of April” release date reliable? Or is there still a decent probability it will be further delayed?

I don’t see any update for the delay.

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